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February 2023



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ryan berezanski
ryan berezanski
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04-2017 Warrant Reduction and eTicketing Changes Empty 04-2017 Warrant Reduction and eTicketing Changes

Mon Mar 06, 2017 1:37 pm
February 21, 2017
To all Authorized Employers:
Re: Warrant Reduction and eTicketing Changes
The Ministry of Justice and Solicitor General moved ahead on two important initiatives last year by spearheading the passage of An Act to Modernize Enforcement of Provincial Offences. When this Act is proclaimed in force it will amend existing legislation to make the enforcement of provincial laws and municipal bylaws more proportionate, efficient and effective. The changes focus on two areas:
• Warrant Reduction • eTicketing
The goal of Warrant Reduction is to end to the use of warrants to enforce minor, non-vehicle related provincial statute and municipal bylaw infractions.
The objective of eTicketing is to expand the scope and use of electronic ticketing, i.e. where law enforcement officers issue paper violation tickets but file the tickets with the court in electronic form.
It is likely An Act to Modernize Enforcement of Provincial Offences will come into force Spring 2017 after required regulatory and system changes have been completed.
Before the Act comes into force, the Peace Officer Program will be issuing a further Bulletin to explain the legislative changes and how they affect ticketing procedures.
Tammy Spink
Manager, Peace Officer Program
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