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descriptionFall Training 2016 EmptyAnimal control course information has been posted

Hello, the detailed course description for the Vicious / Dangerous dog orders course has been posted. Thank you for your patience. Please scroll down to the original message at the bottom of the page.

descriptionFall Training 2016 EmptyFall Training Registration

Please click below for a copy of the registration.


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descriptionFall Training 2016 EmptyRegistration package is out!

Here is the detailed course information, our registration package will be posted on our main webpage If you would like a copy e-mailed to you please message me at

Hotel booking info:
OCT 26 -27, 2016 - COAST CANMORE HOTEL,, CANMORE AB - TEL:: 1-800-716-6199
For reservation call 1.800.716.6199 & quote group name “AMEA” or group code “CCM-GFC2318”
OR make reservations online using the web link:
Address: 511 Bow Valley Trail, Canmore, AB T1W 1N7

Course info:
TRAINING (P.A.S.T.) - WED. OCT 26 [1300 - 1630 hours]

The presentation is designed to give Law Enforcement Officers tactics and skills for approaching properties and effectively dealing with citizens at the residence. Some of the topics that will be covered are:
· Right to enter onto property
· Pre – Trip Preparation
· Approach considerations
· Cover and Concealment options
· Contact and Cover Principles
· Pre- Attack Indicators
· Body Language
· Communication skills
Presenter: Peace Officer Chris Terry from Parkland County. Chris was born and raised in the City of Edmonton, AB. He began his law enforcement journey in 2007 when he graduated from the Police & Security Program at MacEwan University. In April 2009 Chris began his employment with Parkland County Enforcement Services as a Peace Officer (CPO 1). For the Past four years he has been a certified Commercial Vehicle Inspector; Field Training Officer; Certified instructor in Control Tactics Survival Skills (CTSS), Pressure Point and Control Tactics (PPCT), ACE Knife Defense and Ground Fighting; SABRE Pepper Spray and recently obtained his instructor certification in RADAR and LIDAR. Chris is also currently working towards his certificate in the Police Management Program at the University of Alberta.

have shock knives available) 1300 - 1630 hours

The Edged Weapons potion of the training will be based on the combined concepts from C.I.P.S TDPE and also Winning Mind A.C.E. Edged Weapons Defense.
As the course is only 4 hours, we will be unable to cover all aspects. We will focus on the foundation of surviving and winning any edged weapon attack.
With regards to A.C.E. Edged weapons defense, which will make up majority of the class, we will focus on the 3 main components: Avoid, Control,
Eliminate. The class will be physically demanding, so please ensure that you are ready."
Presenters: Chad Catena & Allison Cunningham (City of
Edmonton Community Standards Peace Officer Section)

SCENARIOS – THUR. OCT 27 [0830 - 1200 hours]

Learn the importance of taking notes, Supplement your knowledge and practical skills related to note taking. Note taking is an important part of any Peace officers job; this presentation will help you
set up good habits for your career. The presentation is designed to coach you through basic note taking to ensure you have good records to assist you in your investigations, help resolve citizen complaints and if needed to be used in court.
Presenter: Susan Wall, Inspector with Calgary Community Standards General bylaw division. She has been with Bylaw since 2008 and began teaching the
importance of note taking in 2009. She has 15 years of experience in law enforcement originating in the United Kingdom with The Metropolitan Police Service London.

WED. OCT 26 [0830 - 1200 hours]

Presenters: Doug Anderson & Peace Officer Mel
Parkinson (City of Calgary Animal Control)
The vicious dog investigation process will examine from start to finish what happens once the initial investigation is completed on a seized dog or on a dog  where a court order is required. We will discuss what evidence is required for a successful court order and the process of how to obtain one. We will also look at the court process and evidence required for dangerous/ vicious dog trials so an order can be successfully granted by the courts.

We will also explore other avenues of seizing dogs if the local agency's Bylaw has no provision for this. Additionally, we will discuss different ways to declare animals as vicious. For example, the City of Chestermere uses their City Manager/Council to declare a dog as vicious. The City of Calgary is currently looking into a Tribunal process.

Presenter info:
Inspector Doug Anderson has been with the City of Calgary for 27 years and has been an inspector for the last 10 years. During his time as an inspector, he has been directly involved in all animal aggression cases in the City of Calgary.

Peace officer Mel Parkinson has been with the City of Calgary for over 8 years working in Animal Control. She is involved in most of the serious aggression and higher level files reported to the City, and is now working on the Aggression Team full time.

Training related questions? Please contact our Education Officer James Brooke at

Registration costs:
Member rate is $250 for both days, $130 for 1 day.
Non-member rate is $320 for both days, $200 for 1 day.

See you in Canmore!


Brendan Bolstad
Membership Officer

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descriptionFall Training 2016 EmptyRe: Fall Training 2016

Edit: I figured out the issue, please see the first post for details.

Sorry everyone, I am having technical issues posting all the info. Please e-mail for more information.

descriptionFall Training 2016 EmptyFall Training 2016

Dear membership:

I'm pleased to announce that our fall training plan for 2016 has been finalized. Here are the preliminary details. Once the full registration package is done I will update this post.

Dates: October 26 & 27.
Times: 8:30 AM to 12:00 PM, 1:00 PM to 4:30 PM
Location: Coast Canmore Hotel, Canmore AB:
511 Bow Valley Trail, Canmore, AB T1W 1N7
(Hotel booking code will be sent out shortly)

Wednesday October 26:
Vicious / Dangerous Dog Orders presented by Inspector Doug Anderson and Peace Officer Mel Parkinson from City of Calgary Animal Control
Property Awareness Safety Training (P.A.S.T.) presented by Peace Officer Chris Terry from Parkland County

Thursday October 27:
Note taking after use of force scenarios presented by Inspector Susan Wall of the City of Calgary Community Standards Department
Use of Force Scenario Training (Knife defence, will have shock knives available) Presented by Chad Catena and Allison Cunningham from the City of Edmonton Community Standards Peace Officer Section.

Our registration form with detailed information on the courses and presenters is being worked on and will be sent out as soon as possible. In the mean time, please save the date and let me know if you have any questions.

See you in Canmore!


Brendan Bolstad
AMEA Membership Officer

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