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ryan berezanski
ryan berezanski
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Fall Training Registration  Empty Fall Training Registration

Sun Sep 29, 2013 5:07 pm
Hi Everyone

Click on FALL TRAINING REGISTRATION below to get a copy of the registration .


November 18-21, 2013

Canmore, Alberta


Instructor: Jim deBoon

This 1-day course covers a wide range
of topics. From how to attract nervous
and skittish dogs to you, the common
mistakes made by officers when
attempting to catch stray dogs, how to
defend ones self against any aggressive
dog with the most amount of skill and
the least amount of force. How to
safely approach and leave a residence.
How to interact safely with the public.
Proper use of a snare pole, and also the
pros and cons of other animal related
equipment and devices. The video
material used is both public, (you tube)
and proprietary, (only available through
Enforcement Training Academy).
Mon • Nov 18 • full day


Instructor: Chris Terry

Regardless of what OC product you
are currently using, the Setcan®
Tactical OC Course will assist your
officers in increasing their tactical
advantage on the street. For
years OC aerosol products were
inappropriately described as a use of
force tool designed to incapacitate
an aggressive subject. It did not take
long for law enforcement officers
to realize that any incapacitation
was purely a result of the individual
choosing to stop resisting.
This course will teach drills and
scenarios that show the proper way
to gain a tactical advantage with
OC products. It will give a broad
overview of the different delivery
methods available and an in depth
understanding of contamination
physiology. This information is used
to ensure safe contamination and
decontamination drills for students.
Tues • Nov 19 • morning


Canmore Community Peace Officers
will be sharing their experience with
their most recent natural disaster.
Tues • Nov 19 • afternoon

I-100 Introduction to
Incident Command

Instructor: Brooke Bishop

Introduction to ICS is intended for
personnel assigned to an incident
or event who have a minimum
requirement for understanding
ICS. This module reviews the ICS
organization, basic terminology, and
common responsibilities. It will provide
basic information about the Incident
Command System to enable you to
work in a support role at an incident or
event, or to support an incident from
an off-site location.
This module may also be used as a precourse
study program by personnel
who will be continuing there training
with additional modules. There is no
prerequisite for I-100.
Wed • Nov 20 • full day

I-200 Basic Incident
Command System

Instructor: Brooke Bishop

The objective for this course is for you
to understand the Incident Command
System organization appropriate to the
complexity of the incident or event. An
additional objective is to demonstrate
the use of ICS to manage an initial
action incident or event. This course is
designed to enable personnel to operate
efficiently during an incident or event
within the Incident Command System.
This course focuses on the management
of single resources.
This course is designed to provide overall
incident management skills rather than
tactical expertise. This module may also
be used as a pre-course study program
by personnel who will be continuing
their training with additional modules.
This course is the prerequisite for I-300.
Thurs • Nov 21 • full day
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