January 29, 2018

To all Authorized Employers and Peace Officers:

Re: POLICY CHANGE – Approval of use of low-profile interior red/blue lighting systems
Due to changes and trends in the law enforcement equipment industry, the Director of Law
Enforcement has amended Section 19.4(b)(iv) of the Public Security Peace Officer Program
Policy and Procedures Manual – Visual Identity. This amendment expands the options for the
mounting method for red and blue light bars.

Authorized employers are now granted approval to utilize low-profile, interior, windshieldmounted
light bars for red and blue lights when purchasing new vehicles or making equipment

All other requirements for red and blue lights remain the same.
If you have questions regarding this bulletin please do not hesitate to contact Tammy Spink,
Manager, Peace Officer Program, at tammy.spink@gov.ab.ca.


Tammy Spink
Manager, Peace Officer Program