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descriptionBarry STEIER EmptyRe: Barry STEIER

Hi Barry, thanks for introducing yourself. Hopefully you're able to attend this year's conference, it's a great way to meet many of the members from across the Province.

descriptionBarry STEIER EmptyRe: Barry STEIER

Welcome Barry.
Be sure to check out the Conference Packages for the May AMEA conference that came out yesterday (I think).

descriptionBarry STEIER EmptyHey Buddy

Hey Barry,

Glad to see you connecting with this group.  I know they will be able to help you out when needed and I know that with your experience you can offer some sound advise when you can.  Hope things are going well for you in Redcliff.  


descriptionBarry STEIER EmptyBarry STEIER

I am not sure if this is the proper location to introduce myself.
My name is Barry Steier. I presently am employed by the Town of Redcliff as their Bylaw Officer.
I have been in this position since the end of July 2015.
I know some of the members of AMEA and look forward to knowing more.
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